Benefits of CT Scanning

Computed tomography, more commonly known as CT scanning provides detailed pictures of the bodies internal structures. They are different from x-ray images because they provide a three dimensional internal view of the body. A traditional x-ray provides an image with overlapping layers of bone and tissue. Different densities of the materials show up in various shades of gray or white. This causes problems when the target area is located behind bone or other organs.


CT scans provides hundreds of images. They are made by placing a patient inside of the CT machine horizontally on a table. The tube contains an x-ray scanner which rotates 360⁰ around the patient taking multiple images at various angles. The images are sent to a computer and into an analyzing system. The system takes all of the images and combines them to create a single layer image. Hundreds of these images are produced and stacked on top of each other eventually providing cross sections of the entire body or area being photographed. These hundreds of layers allow clear depictions of each structure and its internal components.


CT scanning technology is important to medical management of the patient. They provide a clear look at the body without requiring invasive procedures. The list provided below are also benefits of using CT machinery in a hospital facility.

  • Determining if surgery is required
  • Improving cancer diagnosis and treatment effectiveness
  • Reducing length of hospital stays
  • Guidance for treatments
  • Helps in placement of patients within hospitals, for example intensive care